Anca Duse

Art & History background

Working in travel business since 2007 as an Advertising Manager for TUI Travel Center and Eurolines.

I enjoy perfecting my skills in related areas like travel photography and storytelling.

My special focus is on interior photography for hotels&resorts across the world.

My passion about local culture and urban adventures is only surpassed by the love of sea & sun.

What I deliver and what my values are

Capturing atmospheric photos that bring travel inspiration to people and sales for the hotels - this is my goal.



  • I'm committed to deliver atmospheric photos, showing the scene the way my eyes perceive it.


  • In hotel photography the retouching technique is almost as important as taking a good photo. My art background and extensive experience with image processing software help me provide a clean end-result while still keeping the natural feel.
  • My special interest in hotel photography comes from my extended travel experience. I have been continuously traveling around the world for one full year, documenting places and resorts for TUI TravelCenter.
    The project was called Un An HaiHui.

          This opportunity got me really interested in showing people how it feels to be in               that hotel room, near that deep blue pool, in that specific place so they can picture           themselves there.


  • Location matters and the hotel pictures should reflect that as well. This is why I always travel around and look for near-by experiences to reflect in my photos.  

    I aim to deliver a full presentation photo gallery that inspire people to get out there and experience your hotel.